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2007-07-17 22:34:23 by Omega-Zer0

I must say the Newgrounds team has definately outdone themselves. The updates are pretty BA, I won't lie. Keep up the good work!

In other news things couldn't be going any better, animation wise.

For those who don't know, I'm currently going to college with my major in Animation. This last semester has been the most difficult yet most fun. The only bad thing about taking Animation in college is the almighty deadline teachers set on projects. It struck me funny that the project I got the best grade in was the one I started/finished the day after springbreak. If you'd like to watch it, check out Sombre Robo here on Newgrounds.

I'm really excited this semester since I get to put my porfolio together for admittance into the main program. Hopefully my other projects are good enough to catch the eyes of the program heads. Wish me luck on that.

As far as projects on here go, I plan *sometime* to update Sprites: Done Right which will include a better intro and also a title screen from which you can select different frames of the tutorial you wish to look at. I might throw in some different music and most definately add in a bit more information since alot of sprite newbies would love to hear about how to work with backgrounds. Don't worry guys (and girls), I have you covered!

Also eventually I'd like to go back and redo my Peanut Butter Bears flash and make it more "commercially" and all that jazz. I get all these cool visions in my head, almost dream in flash, but it just takes so much time to create quality works of entertainment...

I just have to make it through a semester of media classes and I think I'll be alright. Atleast fraternity stuff is picking up. I make T-shirts for the guys so I have a bunch of designs waiting for them when meetings start back up!

That's about it really. I don't want to whore up too much of your time. Go watch something.


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