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Sprites Done Right stuff

2007-12-10 20:49:32 by Omega-Zer0

Hey all! Hope your sprite animations are going well.

In reguards to my tutorial SDR, I have listed you can PM with any problems.

If I may be so kind to ask however, please do not send me any more messages asking me where to get sprite sheets. A quick google search or whatever engine you prefer to use will get you pretty much whatever you need, be it sprites or backgrounds or sounds or anything.

Also for those of you having trouble with faulty or jpeg'd sheets, open the picture in Fireworks or Photoshop and use the Magic Wand tool to remove the excess. Easiest way to do it!

Thank you though for all your support and keep your questions coming if you need help. Once I get alot of free time and more flash experiance here in college, I will be making a major overhaul to SDR like I promised, one that'll cover all the bases and hopefully will answer all questions right off the bat. Plus it will look more 8-bit and just plain cool.

Later gators...


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2008-01-13 05:51:06

I cant wait man, you're so cool. Thanks to you, i have began making a cool sprite movie. Thank you and i cant wait for this movie! Take Care and hope you release it soon!


2008-01-13 17:08:06

Thank you so much for the Tutorial. Now, I'm making Godzilla rolling Sonic the Hedgehog style!!


2008-09-21 18:03:02

I watch your tutorial and it helped me understand more about sprites but i cant break the sprites apart. P.M me when u get the chance i would really like some help please


2008-09-30 17:08:15

I watched the totorial, and messed up completely, could you possibly IM me on MSN as


2008-11-05 17:56:36

oh man thank you I was reaaly confused but thank you


2008-12-30 06:17:13

about that tutorial, it was great but an easy way to remove the white or unwanted bits u can easily do it by clickingthe sprite sheet then click Modify>bitmap>trace bitmap then with the Color threshold and Minimum area settings to 1 click ok then click the white part and then delete it, simple. but if it doesnt work or u need help PM me.


2009-10-21 20:53:26

i tried to break apat the sheet and it said it worked but i could not take them apart help me


2009-10-21 20:55:37

i have adobe flash cs3 proffesional